East of Ireland Marathon Series 2014

East of Ireland Marathon Series 2014

Venue: Longwood, Co. Meath

Date: Saturday January 25th 2014 - 09:00

Race Headquarters and Start/Finish

The East of Ireland Marathon Series marathon at Longwood will start and finish at Longwood GAA club, Clonard Road, Longwood, Co. Meath.

Sat. Nav. Coordinates: 53.455024, -6.9345364

Google Maps centered on Longwood GAA

There are lots of other Longwoods in the world. See this page from Geonames to see a full list of other Longwoods all over the world.

You can see the race location in Longwood, Co. Meath here in either Google Maps or Ordnance Survey Ireland mapping.
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Can I sign up for this race?

As of January 3rd 2014 entry is closed as the entry quota is filled. Please use the contact information on http://www.eastofirelandmarathons.com/ to be considered for addition to the reserve list for the race.

Getting to the race

This is the second East of Ireland Marathon Series race which has been held outside Dublin. The previous race which was held outside Dublin was held in Stapelstown, Co. Kildare in September 2013. (See pictures on Flickr from that race). Whilst Longwood is a rural venue it is easily accessible from all parts of Ireland due to it's close proximity to the N4 and the M4 Motorways. We have provided directions belong on how to get to the race venue. Sat Navs vary on shortest/fastest routes with toll options. In the description below we give directions based on how the locals get to Longwood!

Getting there from Dublin

The easiest route is to avoid the toll on the M4 Westbound from Dublin.

Take the M4 toward Galway/Mayo/Westport and leave the M4 at Junction 8 (Kilcock). Follow the signs at the exit for Enfield (R148) and you will drive to Enfield village and follow the signs for Kinnegad (R148). Just 1.5 miles outside of Enfield there is a right turn off the R148. This is signposted Longwood/Trim. Longwood is straight from here - about 2.5 miles to the GAA ground. When you arrive in Longwood village you will take the left at the roundabout/juction signposted Clonard/Kinnegad (R160). The GAA ground is 1KM from the village.

Using the M4 Motorway Toll Section you will need to leave the M4 at Junction 9 Enfield. The directions are then the same as above. Please note that this section of the Motorway is tolled between Junction 8 and Junction 9.

Getting there from the North

There is a multitude of options here depending on your starting location. For those who want to avoid using the M50 Dublin the best option is to travel south to Trim. From Trim you will need to take the R160 signposted Longwood/Kinnegad/Enfield from Trim. The journey from Trim takes about 15 minutes. When you reach Longwood Village you will need to follow the R160 signposted Clonard/Kinnegad. The GAA ground is 1KM from the village.

Getting there from the South

There are a number of options here depending on where your journey started. For those who have connected to the M50/M4 in Dublin or Kildare the directions are as above for those travelling from Dublin. Some drivers coming from a southerly direction may wish to join the M6 motorway at Tullamore and travel to Kinnegad along the M6 (no toll). The directions are then as described for travelling from the West (below).

Getting there from the West

As with the above there are two options for travelling from the West depending on whether you wish to pay a toll charge or not. Avoiding the toll requires a little more attention to detail for this option and they are outlined below.

Feck it I'll pay the toll: Travel on the M6 Eastwards to Junction 9 Enfield and exit the Motorway here. The Toll Booth is on the off-ramp. The directions are then the same as those as 'Getting there from Dublin'.

No toll for me thank you: Travelling West to avoid toll charges will require you to leave the M6 at Junction 2 Kinnegad. You will need to take the R446 for Kinnegad (signposted). You will pass by the on ram for the M4 Sligo and then you will need to follow the signs for Kinnegad R148. You will go through two roundabouts following the R148 (passing Tesco on your left) and the now driving for Enfield (R148). Leaving Kinnegad's roundabouts you will drive approximately 6 miles on the R148. You will pass through Clonard Village (Monastery Inn on your left, a graveyard on your right). Ignore the next left turn! Approximately one mile from here you will drive over the River Boyne. Quickly (400 meters or so) you will see a Left Turn (between two two storey houses) marked Longwood/Trim (R160). Take this Left turn. The GAA grounds in Longwood are 3 miles from this turn. Follow the road and drive under two bridges (Canal and Railway) and about 1KM after these bridges you will see the Longwood GAA grounds on your left hand-side.

Show me a Garmin Trace of the route

The Garmin Connect Trace for the main race loop (completed 8 times) is available here at Peter's Garmin Connect online. The complete marathon distance is made up with the addition of a small 2KM segment at the begining of the race. This 2KM segment will bring runners in and out of Longwood village and back to the start/finish area.

So what's the course really like in plain English?

The course is a nice fast flat 5KM loop. It is used every year as the Longwood GAA 5KM Road Race. The marathon loop will go the reverse of the race route for safety reasons as the roads will be fully opened for the EOIM event.
There is a total elevation gain of 20ft and an elevation loss of 23ft.
The sources of elevation gain are only very small rises on the road and shouldn't really be noticeable. Part of the route includes a kilometer on a boreen which is nicely sheltered and with good road surface. The road surface is excellent for the entire route. There might be some puddles or mud on the boreen section of the route due to agricultural traffic but nothing to be concerned about.
When passing through Longwood village participants are encouraged to make use of the footpaths for their own safety. The entire route is full open to traffic at all times during the race.

Littering on the course

Please do not litter on the East of Ireland marathon course

As is obvious now this route is on a rural country roads circuit. We appeal to all participants and spectators to think about the countryside when dealing with empty bottles, wrappers, gel-wrappers, etc. Bins will be provided at 3 locations on the route: at the start finish and at either end of the boreen stretch. There is no excuse for anyone to throw rubbish into hedges or ditches when at worst the most you will ever be from a bin is 1.5KMs.
This is also our local area and we want to respect the kindness and hospitality of our neighbours and hosts in Longwood by ensuring we leave no trace of marathon running behind.
The examples set by previous East of Ireland Marathon Series races have been exemplary. Let's keep it up. If the participants like the marathon setup here hopefully we can return for future races in Longwood.

Are there any shops around?

Longwood is a busy village and there are four shops in the village. There is a large EuroSpar shop, a Gala shop with Post Office, and two smaller grocery shops beside the Dargan pubs. Just beside the GAA club there is a Doctor's surgery and Pharmacy. All of these businesses will be opened on Saturday mornings.

While I'm there is there anything else I can do/see?

Dargan's Pub
Longwood is a small Irish village so like most other villages in Ireland there is not always a lot to do for the tourist. However, Dargan's Pub in the middle of the village is surely worth a visit for a post-marathon pint. This is a real gem - this is how pub and grocery shops used to be in Ireland. Dargan's Pub exterior on Google Streetview. Dargan's is in the village so it is only about 800meters from the marathon HQ.

Trim Castle
Trim Castle is the largest Normal castle in Ireland and has had recent fame generated by the use of the castle for filming for the Hollywood movie Braveheart. The castle is impressive from every viewing point with the River Boyne flowing magestically alongside.
Trim Castle is about 8 miles from Longwood and is well worth a visit. For those of a historical inclination the Castle tours (which last about 30 minutes) are very much worth the time.
Sat. Nav coordinates: 53.555, -6.7897

Thanks to people who made this possible

There are several people who have made it possible to host an East of Ireland Marathon Series 2014 race here in Longwood. We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude for their help and assistance. First off our thanks to two proud Longwood men Barry Clarke and Brian Cully who assisted us in having access to the facilities in Longwood GAA club (http://www.longwoodgaa.com/) for the day. Anthony Lee (see Rocky Six on FB) who carried out the official measurement of the course. Ger Copeland and Frank McDermott who have both permitted the course be used as part of an officially sanctioned East of Ireland Marathon Series 2014 race (see Facebook Group).

Will there be photographs of the event?

Yes indeed there will be! All going well we hope to have an extensive set of photographs from the event available on Peter's Flickr Photostream soon after the event. Please see the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/peterm7/sets after the race for photographs. Dublin-based professional photographer Hannah Levy http://www.hannahlevy.com/ has provided professional photographic coverage of many of the East of Ireland Marathon Series 2013 events and may be available for the event in Longwood. In any case please check her website out for photographs of previous EOIM events.

Disclaimers etc

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